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Planning a funeral or celebration of life can be overwhelming and emotional for your family members. Funeral costs can add up quickly add up and we do not want your family to worry about how they are going to cover the costs of your funeral expenses. Planning ahead in finding the best policy that fits your needs and budget is critical to our seniors.

At, we compare all of the top-rated burial plans on the market for individuals age 50-85. While securing the lowest-priced plans for our seniors, we keep the process simple and easy by taking applications over the phone.

Burial products and rates are determined by what state you live in, your age, health, and lifestyle. Since every carrier will look at your risk differently, our job as an independent agency is to sort thought all of the carriers in the market and offer you the most affordable plan with the best carrier. We are licensed in all 50 states and can help you with over 50 top-rated carriers.

What Is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is a small whole life insurance policy. The policies range from $5,000 to $40,000 that is used to cover any final expenses, such as burial costs or debts.

What is the difference between burial insurance and final expense insurance?

NOTHING! The words mean the same thing, so don’t be confused.

Why should I purchase burial insurance?

Most seniors purchase burial insurance so they are not financially burdening their loved ones if they were to pass. Now, if you have money saved and zero debts than you wouldn’t need burial insurance.

We only work with the top-rated burial insurance companies that offer the following features:

✅ NO Medical Exams Required & NO Medical Records
✅ Policies Never Expire, Guaranteed at Any Age
✅ Monthly Payments Will Never Increase (your payments will never increase)
✅ Death Benefits Will Never Decrease (your benefits will never go down)

Are there waiting periods to receive benefits?

If you’re in good or average health, then there are no waiting periods for your beneficiaries to receive the death benefit immediately. Even with controlled health issues, you will not have a waiting period.

If you have severe or uncontrolled health issues than there will likely be a waiting period of 2 years. After 2 years, the full death benefit will be paid out to your beneficiaries. If you were to pass away before the 2 years then all of your premium payments will be returned plus interest.

What are the 3 different plan levels offered?

  • Level Benefit Plans- pays out immediately
  • Graded Benefit Plans- pays out in 1 or 2 years with the payments plus interest.
  • Modified Plans- these are the most expensive plans and are not recommended for every individual. In most cases, we’d recommend a Guaranteed Issue Policy.

What are Guaranteed Issued Policies?

Guaranteed Issued policies ask “No Medical Questions” about your health on the application. These applications are approved and go into force but they do have the 2-year waiting period. The policies do payout in full if you passed away in an accident. We’ll explain more if you qualify for this type of coverage.

Our independent agency has many years of experience in helping seniors find the best carrier with the best products at the best price.